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How The New Homes Ombudsman can help

From January 2022, housebuilders and developers who build new homes can register with the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB). This means that they agree to comply with the terms of the New Homes Quality Code (the Code). Once their registration is complete, they become activated developers and fall under the jurisdiction of the New Homes Ombudsman (NHOS). 

Our role at NHOS is to consider consumer complaints and establish whether the developer has breached the terms of the code; and whether the customer was treated fairly. As well as resolving individual complaints, we aim to help improve the quality of new home complaint handling, raise standards within the industry and improve the overall customer experience. 

The New Homes Quality Code 

The Code has four parts: 

1. Selling a new home 

When selling a new home, developers should be fair and complete in the information they provide to a customer about their home purchase. They must avoid mis-selling, misleading information, and high-pressure sales tactics. 

2. Legal documents, information, inspection, and completion 

There are a number of stages in the purchase of a new home - this section of the Code sets out requirements and expectations in relation to these steps. 

3. After-sales, complaints management and the New Homes Ombudsman 

Developers are required to provide continuing after-sales service and a new home complaint resolution process in line with the requirements and expectations of the Code.  

4. Solvency, legal and jurisdiction  

The developer must ensure that the contractual party as developer and is financially adequately established or insured so as to provide reasonable protection against insolvency and the capacity to meet its obligations under the Code, including timely repayment of financial deposits when due and any financial awards made by the Ombudsman. 

Each part of the Code is elaborated on in full here. 

Further assistance 

More than 160 developers are now registered and working with the board. The scheme will initially cover England, Wales, and Scotland, and ultimately the whole of the UK. Those that are signed up to the scheme will display the NHQB and New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS) branding. Once registered, buyers will have access to the NHOS service. 

An up-to-date list of registered developers can be found here. 

If you have any further questions about the purchase of a new house or if you have a new home complaint, please contact the team on 0330 808 4286 or at


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