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A step by step guide to raising a complaint


**This is a new service. When developers have completed their registration, their details will appear here and consumers can start the complaints process.  Please check back regularly until your developer’s details appear.**

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1Raise your complaint with the developer

Make sure that you have raised your complaint first with the developer to give them a chance to put things right. The developer must have a complaints procedure that they should follow and in most cases raising the complaint formally with them should resolve the matter.

If you are still unhappy with the response, you can raise a complaint with NHOS as long as the developer is registered with us. You can find out if your developer is registered by clicking here.

Raise Complaint
2If you are still not happy with their response you can approach NHOS
  • If the Registered Developer fails to respond fully to you within 56 days of you raising your initial new home sales complaint with them then you can raise a complaint with us.
  • If the Registered Developer has given you a Final Complaint Closure letter and you are still unhappy you can also complain to us.
Not Happy
3Make sure that you have the information to hand to raise a complaint

To raise a complaint with NHOS you will need to provide us with some information and it would be helpful to get this together before you start the complaint.  For example, we will need details of:

  • the property you have Reserved or Purchased.
  • details of your new home sales complaint or any evidence to support your complaint [including what you have already sent to the developer].
  • what part of the NHQB Quality Code you think the developer may have breached [although if you are not clear on this you can always say “Don’t Know” during your complaint submission process].
Information In Hand
To raise your complaint, please click here