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A step by step guide to raising a complaint


**This is a new service. When developers have completed their registration, their details will appear here and consumers can start the complaints process.  Please check back regularly until your developer’s details appear.**

Step 02

You can raise a complaint against a Registered Developer [who is registered with the New Homes Quality Board].

A list of the Registered Developers can be found here and is updated regularly. The list also shows the date they became subject to the jurisdiction of the New Homes Ombudsman Service.

You can complain about problems which have arisen from up two years after the Reservation of the property or the Legal completion, whichever is later. The Reservation date must be after  the Registered Developer became subject to the New Homes Ombudsman Scheme.

The complaint must be about a breach of the New Homes Quality Code but if you are not clear if your complaint is a breach just provide us with full details of your complaint and we will look into this for you. 

Some examples of matters which can be complained about include [but this is not an exhaustive list]

  • A Registered Developer providing misleading information to a customer during the marketing and sales process such as the size of the property, the price of the property or the management services provided.
  • The behaviour of a Registered Developer's customer service or onsite staff.
  • The conduct of the developer throughout the Reservation and Completion process.
  • Problems with sorting out any snagging issues after completion.
  • Issues with how the Developer has handled your complaint.
  • Any proposed solutions to the issues which you are not happy to accept.
  • Delay in resolving issues.